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#1211-Pressure Gauge Pointer

Short Description:

All kind of different pressure gauge pointers can be supplied from us.

These pointers are widely all kind of different diameter pressure gauges.

Such as  φ40MM, φ50MM, φ60MM, φ70MM, φ100MM, φ150MM
Material  Aluminum
Color  Black/RED
Pointer type  Normal Pointer and Adjusted Zero Pointer

Different shape will be chosen by customer’s demand.

Pointer must match with pressure gauge movement.

The taper of central shaft must match with cap of pointer.

We also need customer to give us your pressure gauge movement sample.

So when we produce pointer,we can easily control the taper and assure when worker is easily to install them.

If you directly purchase pressure gauge movement from us,we can directly match with pointer.

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Pressure Gauge Pointer is a common measuring instrument used to display the size of the pressure. This pressure gauge pointer is usually used together with a pressure gauge, which can read the pressure value quickly and accurately, and is widely used in industrial and civil fields.

The working principle of the pressure gauge pointer mainly depends on bourdon tube in the pressure sensor part. When subjected to pressure, the bourdon tube deforms, producing a force proportional to the pressure, which pushes the pointer to rotate.

The pointer converts the elastic deformation into the rotation angle of the pointer through the pressure gauge movement connected with bourdon tube. Usually, the rotation of the pointer is realized by means of a rod spring or a mechanical gear.


Industrial fields:

Pressure gauge pointers are widely used in various industrial occasions, such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, water treatment and other industries. It can be used to measure the pressure of liquid or gas in pipelines, storage tanks, pressure vessels and other equipment, and provide real-time pressure data.

Water treatment equipment:

In water supply and drainage systems, sewage treatment plants and other places, the pointer of the pressure gauge can be used to monitor the pressure state of the system to ensure the normal operation of the system and take corresponding treatment measures in time.

Automobile industry: In the process of automobile manufacturing and maintenance, the pressure gauge pointer can be used to measure the pressure of the engine and hydraulic system, judge the working status of the machine, and carry out timely repair and maintenance.

Household equipment:

Pressure gauge pointers can also be used in household equipment, such as gas meters, air conditioning and refrigeration systems, etc. It can help users understand the usage of the equipment, identify problems in time and take relevant measures.

As a common measuring instrument, the pressure gauge pointer has the characteristics of accuracy and real-time, and is widely used in industrial and civil fields. Through the cooperative work of bourdon tube and pressure gauge movement, the pointer of the pressure gauge can quickly and accurately display the pressure value, helping the user to monitor the working status of the equipment in real time and take corresponding measures. No matter in the process of industrial production or in household use, the pointer of the pressure gauge plays an important role.


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