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All kind of Bourdon tubes for Pressure gauge

Short Description:

All kind of different pressure range bourdon tubes can be supplied from us.

Low pressure  C shape bourdon tube
High pressure  Spiral bourdon tube
Material  Brass and Stainless steel

Bourdon tube must match with pressure gauge movement.

Except pressure range,we also need customer to give us their pressure gauge movement sample.

So when we produce bourdon tube,we can easily control the quality and assure when worker try to adjust pressure gauge,it is also easily operated from them..

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Product introduction

Bourdon Tube is an important instrument component that uses the Burdon effect to measure the pressure of liquid or gas. It is a U-shaped curved pipe made of metal materials. Widely used in pressure gauges and sensors, Bourdon tubes are an important tool for measuring fluid pressure and temperature. Bourdon tubes are commonly used to all kind of different pressure gauges.

The following is a detailed introduction, working principle and product application of Bourdon tube products:

  1. Product introduction:

Bourdon tube is a classic pressure measuring instrument component, which plays an important role in many pressure measuring instruments. Bourdon tubes consist of a pair of meandering tubes with a meander at the middle end and upturned tube ends. When the liquid or gas passes through the Bourdon tube, the liquid or gas generates pressure, and the Bourdon tube produces a small displacement, which is proportional to the magnitude of the pressure. By measuring the displacement difference at both ends of the pipe, the pressure can be known.

2. Working principle:

The working principle of the Bourdon tube is based on the Bourdon effect. Simply put, when the liquid or gas in the tube generates a certain pressure, the shape of the tube will change. As the pressure increases, the shape of the Bourdon tube changes accordingly, increasing or decreasing its curvature. This deformation will cause a displacement in the tube, the magnitude of the displacement is proportional to the magnitude of the pressure.

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3.Product application:

Bourdon tubes are widely used in all kind of different pressure gauges(manometers).

these pressure gauges are also widely used in various fields, such as:

(1) Medical industry

(2) Automobile industry

(3) Aerospace industry

(4) Petroleum industry

(5) Pharmaceutical industry

In a word, Bourdon tube is one of the important instruments widely used in industry, medical treatment, aerospace and other fields. It has the advantages of high sensitivity, high measurement accuracy, simple structure, convenient use and many other applications.


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