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Capsule Pressure Guage Introduction


Capsule pressure gauge is a common pressure measuring instrument used to measure the pressure value of liquid or gas. Its shape is a disc shape with a diameter of about 60mm, and it has good stability and corrosion resistance. The following is the specific introduction and application of the bellows pressure gauge:

1. Product description:

The diaphragm pressure gauge is mainly composed of diaphragm, movement and spring, surrounded by a sealed box. It has high precision and wide measurement range, and is often used in fluid control and measurement fields in pharmaceutical, chemical, light industry, textile and other industries. This product has the following characteristics:

- Light weight and simple structure
- Good corrosion resistance and shock resistance
- Various power supply methods, no external power supply required
- Wide application range, can measure different media such as gas and liquid

2. Working principle

The working principle of the diaphragm pressure gauge is to reflect the pressure of the measured body through the deformation of the diaphragm. When the measured medium enters the bellows, the diaphragm is deformed by the pressure of the medium, and the pointer indicates the pressure value of the diaphragm through the conduction of the movement.

3. Application

Capsule pressure gauges are widely used in the following fields:

- Gas pipeline, water treatment and other industries, used to detect the pressure value of the pipeline;
- Fluid control and measurement fields in pharmaceutical, chemical, light industry, textile and other industries;
- Measurement requirements for specific gases, such as oxygen, acetylene, nitrogen, etc.;
- Pressure control and monitoring in food processing, tank storage and transportation, etc.

Generally speaking, the diaphragm pressure gauge has many advantages such as high precision, simple structure, and strong applicability, and is a widely used pressure measuring instrument.

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Post time: Jun-13-2023