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Pressure Gauge Component

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1.Pressure gauge is formed by socket,dial,case,bourdon tube,movement,pointer.
When pressure air is entered into bourdon tube,bourdon tube will be expanded,then pressure gauge movement will be turned,at final pointer will point to pressure value.
2.Pressure gauge movement is divided into obverse installed movement,reverse installed movement,capsule movement and vibration-proof movement and else.
3.Pressure gauge movement will be chosen by different pressure gauge.
When customer will choose pressure gauge movement,Transmission ratio and distance from central shaft and installed hole and diameter of installed hole are very important parameters.
The taper of central shaft will decide to tape of pointer,because they are matched each other.
The boudon tube also must match with pressure gauge movement,the transimission ratio is very important parameters except pressure range,included: teeth quantity of central shaft gear.

Post time: Apr-23-2023