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Shipment Of Hot Sale 63MM Movements 80000PCS

63MM Movement

Thanks for our customer’s trust and support.
80000PCS 63MM Brass Movements were sent and left from China to our foreign customer in 05 June 2023.
As a high-quality and hot pressure gauge movement, FY(A)C63-H(G)12 are mass produced by us every month 200000PCS.
We have advanced equipment and professional technology and production team and excellent operator to ensure fast and high quality product.

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Below information is the technical parameters of this movement.

Driving Ratio i=120/12=10
Length of Pinion L=15
Module of Gear m=0.2
Taper Ratio of Pinion △=1:30
Length of Extend Up Plate Pinion B1=4.8
Diameter of Installed Hole φ=2.98/3.2
Distance from pinion to Installed Hole ⊥=15*9.0
Material: Brass or Brass+SUS430 or Stainless steel


Post time: Jun-06-2023