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FYAC100-G13/17-Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge Movement

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Below information is the technical parameters of this movement.

Driving Ratio i=180/13=13.85  i=176/17=10.35
Length of Pinion L=25.6
Module of Gear m=0.25
Taper Ratio of Pinion △=1:30
Length of Extend Up Plate Pinion B1=10.5
Diameter of Installed Hole φ=4.1
Distance from pinion to Installed Hole ⊥=22*13
Material  Brass or Stainless steel

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Product introduction

The stainless steel pressure gauge movement is a classic pressure measuring instrument that has been widely used in the industrial field.
1. High precision:We use CNC lathe and precision compound dies to produce pressure gauge movement, then keep exact dimension and good transmission quality,which can accurately and quickly monitor the pressure.
2. Material corrosion resistance:The material of the movement is stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance and can be applied to pressure measurement of various corrosive media;
3. Diversification: The stainless steel pressure gauge movement has a variety of specifications and measurement ranges, which can adapt to different application scenarios and needs.


Stainless steel pressure gauge movement has a wide range of application scenarios and fields, such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, shipping, communications, electric power, trains and other fields, among which it is mainly used in the following scenarios:
1. Petroleum industry: used for downhole pressure monitoring in oil and gas exploitation;
2. Chemical industry: used for pressure control and flow measurement in chemical production;
3. Aerospace: used for pressure monitoring and aerodynamic testing in aerospace;
4. Pharmaceutical industry: Used for pressure monitoring of pharmaceutical volume.
In conclusion, the stainless steel pressure gauge movement is a reliable, accurate and flexible instrument in the field of pressure measurement and control, suitable for many different market segments, and has a wide range of application prospects.

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All kind of pressure gauge movements are produced by us in China.
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