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FYAC100-G15-Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge Movement

Short Description:

Below information is the technical parameters of this movement.

Driving Ratio i=175/15=11.67
Length of Pinion L=23
Module of Gear m=0.3
Taper Ratio of Pinion △=1:50
Length of Extend Up Plate Pinion B1=7.5
Radius distance from central shaft to installed hole R R=18*72°*4
Material Brass or Stainless steel

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Product introduction

What is movement in pressure gauge?

The pressure element is connected to the geared "movement" mechanism, which in turn rotates a pointer throughout a graduated dial.

It is the pointer's position relative to the graduations that the viewer uses to determine the pressure indication.

Pressure gauge movement is contained central shaft,segment gear,hairspring and else.

The transmission accuracy will affect the pressure gauge’s accuracy,so the pressure gauge movement is very important.

Our pressure gauge movements are engineered to provide precision and reliability for a wide range of applications.

Our product is a key component for pressure gauges and thermometers which are widely used across many industries.

We have advanced equipment and professional technology and production team and excellent operator to ensure fast and high quality product.


Stainless steel pressure gauge movement has a wide range of application scenarios and fields, such as petrochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, shipping, communications, electric power, trains and other fields, among which it is mainly used in the following scenarios:
1. Petroleum industry: used for downhole pressure monitoring in oil and gas exploitation;
2. Chemical industry: used for pressure control and flow measurement in chemical production;
3. Aerospace: used for pressure monitoring and aerodynamic testing in aerospace;
4. Pharmaceutical industry: Used for pressure monitoring of pharmaceutical volume.
In conclusion, the stainless steel pressure gauge movement is a reliable, accurate and flexible instrument in the field of pressure measurement and control, suitable for many different market segments, and has a wide range of application prospects.


Fast Delivery:
Large annual output
Skilled worker
Advance equipment
Fast Feedback:
Experienced technical team
Excellent sales team
Perfect after-sales service
Stable Quality:
Domestic advanced CNC equipment and Precision mould and Inspection equipment
Perfect and scientific company organizational structure
Scientific quality management system
20000000Pcs+ Annual Capacity
200+ More different type’s pressure gauge movement
10Years+ Export Experience

Fast delivery, Fast Feedback, Stable Quality” has been operated and kept long time.
We received lots of good reputation from our clients because of our good quality and support each other.
In the future, we will still maintain our fast action and good quality product to service all of our clients to reach the goal of win-win situation.
All kind of pressure gauge movements are produced by us in China.
If you are interested in these pressure gauge movements(manometer movements),please send your detailed drawing or sample for us as reference.
So that we can send the best price and make some samples for you to test them.
Welcome to inquire us.


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